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How does the Tik Tok work?

What is TikTok? TikTok, created by the Chinese technology firm ByteDance, is a social media app that allows you to record, edit and share short videos (from 15 to 60 seconds) in a loop, with the possibility of adding music backgrounds, sound effects and filters or visual effects.

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How to make a tic toc?

How to make a video for TikTok? At the bottom of the main screen of the application you will see a "+" symbol. To start recording you will have to press that button that will take you to a new screen where the camera will be activated. On the right side you will now have a new series of buttons and options.

Tik Tok is a social network accessible through its mobile app, the result of the merger between Tik Tok and, a second social network specialized in sharing music videos and whose functions have now been integrated into the first. It serves as any social network to get in touch with other people, but it does so through videos, which are its main content. 

Users record short videos, add music and post them on their profiles, waiting for their followers to see and reward them with a heart. These videos can then be commented and shared. It is a social network that has gained a lot of prominence among younger users, mostly teenagers.

In TikTok there is a Home or timeline where videos of the users that you follow or recommended for you appear. They are short videos that are quickly consumed and immediately go to another video. This favors that users are always busy watching videos. 

On the other hand, through the system of hearts it is achieved that those same users want to record their own videos and share them to receive those hearts. Many consider it to be an addictive app, given that it takes the variable reward system to the extreme, a term coined by psychology in the 1950s to define the behavior of a subject in a situation from which they obtain different rewards or none at all. random.

TikTok is currently available on Android and iPhone, and is completely free.

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